Eliminating the use of objective measures:

Hurts Student Choice and Diversity

as it deprives prospective students of the opportunity to present themselves to admissions committees in the way they feel will best showcase their qualifications

Limits Program Freedom

as it prohibits faculty from setting the admissions policies they feel will best help them achieve their program mission and goals

Enables Bias

as it forces admissions committees to rely solely upon subjective information to make admissions decisions, making it unlikely, if not impossible, to prevent bias

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The Value of Using the GRE® General Test

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Comparing Admissions With and Without GRE Scores

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Reporting on the Value of the GRE General Test

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How this ban
can hurt
prospective students

“Banning the GRE in graduate admissions is wrong and, further, eliminates the opportunity for many talented, diverse students to demonstrate what they know and can do to admissions committees and program decision-makers.”

– Michael Cunningham, Associate Provost for Graduate Studies and Research and Professor of Psychology and Africana Studies at Tulane University

Protect student choice and admissions transparency.

“A complete assessment of each applicant is important to identifying the best graduate students for your program. Banning the use of GRE scores in admissions removes an essential component for programs to have a full understanding of the potential of each applicant”

– Maureen Grasso, Professor of Textile Sciences and Former Graduate Dean at North Carolina State University and ETS Strategic Advisor

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